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1. Why is Ear boring ceremony?


     In those days, every child was made aware of internal ear by teaching the technique of hearing the soul sound.   When such is the truth of ancient practice, merely puncturing the ears to wear the ear studs and calling it as “ear-boring ceremony” happens to be the present days practice.   This is nothing but absurd.

2. Why is Upanayanam?

     At the age of around 12 years, every child’s internal eye was activated, in those days; this is called as illumination.   Where as during present days, this is being conducted as thread ceremony ( as upa-nayana ) along with the teaching of Gayathri Japam.   “Missing the practice of illumination” may be felt to be the crucial loss for the man kind and the spiritual society.

3. What is the Essence of “Suklaam Para tharm” Slokam?

Suklaam Param Bhathram              :           Save the semen virile in the fore head

Sasi varnam                                       :           Gaining the brightness of moon shine

Chathur pujam                                   :           Gaining the strength equal to four hands

Prasanna Vadhanam                       :           Divine look leading to immortality.

Ith yagay                                              :           Attainment of fulfill ness

Sakala Vignopa shanthaye             :           All types of ignorance will be averted.

     With out paying attention to the advice in it, it may be seen that, the sloka is recited as Ganapathy sthothra; merely as prayer or archana only.

4. What are the similar examples that may be explored as above?

  • Tieing of Irumudi during Iyyappa Swami Viratham
  • Way of worship by walking over fire.
  • Holding Fire-pot over head.
  • Performing poojas particularly in Karpa graham (Moolasthanam) in temples.
  • Performing Kumbabhishekam  etc..

5. Is there any suggestion for normal breathing?

     Three most important Nadis are: Pinkalai (Right Nostril) that is related to Sun; Idakalai (Left Nostril) that is related to Moon; and Sushmna (combination of Idakalai and Pinkalai) that is related to God (deemed to be a “Agni planet” full of light and glory and self positioned just above sky globe).  

     It is advised to breathe always through Pinkalai (right nostril) so that the mighty cosmic power of Sun shall be acquired to keep the health in sound condition (this is the real “Thanga Bhaspam” – way of keeping the health to be in golden condition).  
Idakalai (Left Nostril) breathing is chosen during yogic practice for acquiring Nectar.
Sushmna (combination of Idakalai in ¾th and Pinkalai in ¼th as indicated by uneven TUSKS of Lord Vigneshwara) has to be achieved; as matter of fact, the invoking of Sushmna (the importance of which is signified by the representation of the huge size of the Trunk in the face of Lord Vigneshwara) itself is the greatest achievement because it is the only thing that leads to Supreme God / Salvation.
6. Who is Vinayaka ?

     He is the symbolic of Supreme Lord who has as symbolic of male, Angusam in one hand and as symbolic of female, Pasam in another hand; This is meant to indicate that the Lord manages creation with these. Trunk of elephant as nose is as symbolic of supreme nerve, to represent Sushumna nadi which is the ultimate in attaining salvation.

     Similarly the embodiment of Lord Vigneshwara is full of significance of important clues that are useful for the mankind.  With out realizing these facts, Vinayaka idol is thown out at the end of Vinayaka Chathurthi pooja.   This amounts to nothing but ignorance of some people that ought to be regretted.

7. Is Temple worship worth it?

     The temple and it’s parts were designed and built to be replica of human body with it’s spiritual centres.  Simply going to the temple with out realizing the spiritual facts in it and merely objecting the temple worship; both are of ignorance and to be regretted.

8. What could be the Benefit of the human birth?

     It may be wondered that the human birth is unique in it’s nature when compared to other beings.
     Sense of intelligence is the sense of brightness (light); brightness of soul; and the brightness of supreme.  
     The very purpose of research, through the sense of intelligence, could be to realize the soul which is of less intensity; and the supreme God which is of very very high intensity.  
Hence the purpose, benefit and the right of human birth is to attain self-realization, salvation, and immortality and to become one with the Almighty.